Season 2 Episode #8 | Brent Faulkner


Influenced by The Bible Project with Tim Mackey  Brent Faulkner penned his first book about Genesis 3.  The Garden of Eden story is an invitation to find a trust-filled relationship with God to live out our potential.

The story starts with sin but it’s also about love.  There are beautiful glimpses of God’s love through all of the Creation Story.  It reveals the truth about God’s character, and how he feels about us, his creation.

Brent challenges us to ask questions that align with what the Bible is trying to communicate.  The book’s heart is that so many people have a fearful view of God.  They wonder if God knows and loves them.

He even references a great quote by Oswald Chambers,

The root of all sin is the suspicion that God is not good.

TRUST FALL – How the Fall of Man reveals a God worth trusting.

Copies of the book can be purchased in the Cross America gift shop, or online at Amazon

Brent Faulkner Growth Pastor at Crossroads Community Church

Excerpt pulled from pages 145-146 in Chapter 15 of TRUST FALL.

  • Remember that God’s story starts in goodness and abundance. God is faithful and worthy of trust.
  • When you do fail to trust God and pull away in shame and fear, remember that God is always seeking and speaking. God is faithfully pursuing you, making a way back to the right relationship.  He never pulls away, and he never stops seeking you.
  • Remember that even when you’ve lost trust in God, God still has trust in you. God hasn’t tossed aside what’s broken.  He sees your value and has gone to great lengths to redeem and restore you.
  • Remember that your truest identity is that you are clothed in Christ. God meets you where you are and clothes you in himself.  Sin, shame, and unworthiness do not define you.  You are clothed in Christ.  You are forgiven, accepted, gifted, righteous, chosen, loved, and empowered to reflect God’s goodness into your community.
  • Remember that you are the body of Christ. You are part of the foot that crushes the head of the serpent through self-sacrificial love.
  • Remember that God makes a way home for those exiled from the garden and that the gates of the new Jerusalem are always open for you to come home.
  • Remember that God desires a trust-filled intimate partnership with you, and he has moved throughout history to make it happen.


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