Season 2 Episode #7 | BEMA Discussion Group

Widen your perspective of the Bible

BEMA is an intensive discipleship program of Impact Campus Ministries running a network of discussion groups around the country and beyond. “Love God. Love others. Become people of the Text.

This local group, started by Steve Rector, is one of many across the world.  Steve served as a facilitator of this local BEMA group and inspired them to become a community for the past 3 years. All the members are from different denominations and backgrounds.  Each week they listen to the latest BEMA Podcast, then meet to unpack the content while widening their perspective of God’s word.  Today we spoke with 3 friends who are members of the group.

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Big Take Away:  We all have a vantage point and a view from where we see the world and the WORD.  They have all been learning how to step back and investigate the WORD from another perspective that they did not have knowledge of or have ever considered.  This environment has allowed them to reflect, listen, and gain new perspectives of God’s Holy inspired WORD, the Bible.

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