Sponsor a Zip Code

In order to achieve our mission statement of spreading the Gospel to every home in America, we need your help. With our goal comes the task of preparing enough crosses and salvation packets to send out to an entire zip code at once. This is where you step into the picture.

Where Will My Money Go?

The great news is that all money given to sponsor a zip code goes 100% toward the cost of the cross, stamp and envelope. All annual labor and overhead costs are already paid for by private donations.

What Does it Cost?

The total cost of the cross and salvation packet is just $0.43. You can sponsor as much as fits your budget, or you could decide to give $0.43. It is completely up to you!

Pick Your Zip Code

It’s easy to sponsor a zip code. Your name or your organization’s name will then be added to this map to list the many people who made our mission possible.