Season 2 Episode 22 | Morgan Young

Rhythm, Reading and Leadership

God knew from the start of Morgan’s life that it would be an interesting journey as he pulled him towards his true calling and identity in Christ. What a journey and story it is.  Clearly, God orchestrated it all. Be prepare to be inspired, laugh and be in shear AWE of how God works in our lives.  It might surprise you to know that great leadership is about more than just a title.

Since his birth in 1976, he was “baked in” to be a drummer.  He let his passion for music and drumming draw him into the ‘church’ culture in an unexpected way.  The outcome from this experience was about how his soul was now being fed and cultivated.  Responding to the call from the Holy Spirit, he took leaps of faith to follow in obedience to God’s direction. Morgan shared so many great nuggets of wisdom, like this “ The more your step out in faith, the more you will recognize what that voice (of God) is saying to you.”

Currently, he is the Staff Advancement Paster for all of Northview.  He is tasked with the culture and content to coach ALL the staff for every location of Northview Church.

Oak Brook / Northview

Willowcreek church

McD’s, Rax, Fazoli’s

Mygrant Music

GM Horns Big Band, (God’s Mighty)

CEO Kokomo

The Jazz Kitchen



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