Season 2 Episode #89 | Resilient, Persistent Rick Weed

Crystal and Jennifer had a great conversation with Cross America volunteer, Rick Weed.  A lifelong coach and mentor to many in the community.  Rick has been a part of several local sporting teams as well as local ministries including Kokomo Huddle, Courthouse Ministries, and H.E.S.P. ( Haitian Environmental Support Program )

Trials develop us and we persevere.  Rick shares how God’s plan has come full circle in so many areas of his life.  He calls himself a ‘wretch’ who is redeemed and covered by the blood of Jesus.  His focus remains on God.  Failure has helped him get to where he is today – he’s learned and moved on.

Dr. David Jeremiah, “Even the greatest of evils cannot stand against Christ our Savior. Storms come, death intrudes, misunderstandings occur, and troubles arise. But our sovereign Lord reigns on His throne at the right side of the Father, and He sees everything. Misses nothing. Cares deeply. Intercedes constantly. And He will turn the tide of events in a heavenly direction.
There’s just something about that Name!



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