Season 2 Episode 16 | Tiffany Stow

Let Jesus, BE Jesus

Tiffany grew up on a strawberry/pumpkin farm and enjoyed an idyllic life filled with godly people who poured into her.   While playing softball in college, she heard God say, “This is the way, walk out” as she stepped away from her college softball career to join a traveling worship team/ministry. It was there she met a Godly man and fell in love.  However, her entire world was turned upside down after her love story ended.  Her story of love & heart break is inspiring!  She found the strength of Jesus during darkness as she walked through a tough 2-year season when she wrestled with doubt, panic attacks and vertigo.  Learning the truth that the one thing this world cannot take from her is Jesus!  “In him is no shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Her story isn’t over but just beginning.  She shares how she learned about the “Spiritual swagger of the freshly anointed,” from the book Wrestling Prayer, by Eric Ludy.  His telling of the David & Goliath story challenged her to stop being defensive and to take the offensive stance, using her spiritual weapons, to walk out of her trauma. Another important fact she shares is to not focus on your issues but turn and pray for the salvation of an unsaved person.  Because bitterness & gratitude cannot dwell together.

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Tiffany Stow

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