Season 2 Episode 17 | Marianne Orr

Refined and Renewed by the Fire

To know Marianne is to love her!  She’s just a joy to be around, and always worshiping Jesus!  She grew up in Clinton County as one of 10 children.  After graduating from Purdue, and trying out for the Olympic Volleyball Team, this talented athlete married her husband, Clint. They were blessed with six children.  And are now grandparents to 7 grandchildren.

In 2019, after walking through 17 days of life-altering tragedy, she shared that it was all just too much to process.  But God came in and the Body of Christ interceded to help them start the healing process.  They walked alongside them and were ‘Jesus’ to them.  Hear her stories of how their community stepped in and showed them grace. They continue to walk in this same grace with everyone they meet.

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