Season 2 Episode 15 | Susan Zody

Narrow Gate Horse Ranch

With ties to the origins of Kokomo Susan (Foster) Zody shares the story behind her passion and ministry, Narrow Gate Horse Ranch (NGHR).  She is truly living out the legacy of her family’s heritage. From volunteering with Kokomo Urban Outreach, she leaned into creating opportunities for older students to engage and learn more about a relationship with Jesus.  As God would have it, she used a horse ranch concept to motivate these children after hearing about the Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch.  Getting these children out of their current environment and experiencing these horses in a new way with Equine Assisted Learning.  Over 15 years ago, God continued to provide funds for her to take these students to ride horses in other communities before opening the doors here in Howard County.   Narrow Gate Horse Ranch has been at their current location for 8 years and they are growing and thriving.   You can learn more about them online here

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