Episode #8 | Finding Value

Finding Value with Podcasters Julie Deem & Kalena James

Timing really is everything.  You just never know what choice might coincide with someone else’s life, someday down the road.  One seed can impact generations!  The intersection of your life with others is never an accident in God’s eyes.  In this episode, Crystal and Jennifer connect with two great women who are instrumental in the podcasting workshop that will be happening on Friday, November 3 (learn more here https://web.charityengine.net/Podcasting).  Hear about how God planted seeds in their paths and gave them opportunities to connect and grow.

KALENA JAMES | Co-Host United State of Women, CEO and Business Leadership Coach LCR Coaching, and LyfQuest, LLC

KALENA’S BOOK: I Will Live My Power-Purpose-Plan: Bigger Dreams Require Bigger Faith

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JULIE DEEM | Co – Host United State of Women and Founder of The Business Podcast Editor

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To learn more about Cross America visit https://crossamerica.net/.  Sending a cross and path to salvation to every household in America.

The podcasting workshop mentioned in this episode is on Friday, November 3, register here: https://web.charityengine.net/Podcasting