Episode #7 | Seasons & Seeds

A conversation with friends, Lori Badrey and Susan Hammond

Crystal and Jennifer visit with two retired teachers who meet weekly for coffee and conversation at Cross America.   We all walk through life and make friends along the way. Some connections are for only a season, while others seem to go on for decades.  In this episode, we look back and see how God had a hand in our friendships and experiences and find that HIS timing is always perfect.

This episode is filled with laughter and full circle seed stories that include a ‘ROLLING CHAPEL’ ⁠https://perurollingchapel.com/⁠ . There is a clear message here that we need an inner circle of friends to help us draw closer in our walk with Christ and we never know what God is doing, but have to continue to trust and obey.  Always trust God for the outcome!

Seed planting can be intentional or unintentional. It’s a lifestyle.  We have a choice every day in every situation to be a seed planter to everyone in our path by being loving and kind.  It’s about being obedient to what the Holy Spirit is asking of us in that moment.

Lori and Susan talked about Bridging the Gap conference which they attended in North Carolina with Dr. Johnnie Blount. ⁠https://drjohnnieblount.com/⁠

To learn more about Cross America visit ⁠https://crossamerica.net/⁠.  Sending a cross and path to salvation to every household in America.

The podcasting workshop mentioned in this episode is on Friday, November 3, register here: ⁠https://web.charityengine.net/Podcasting⁠