Episode #15 | Greg Reed

Lifestyle Evangelist & Life Coach

A recurring theme this week, it’s all about obedience to what God says.  Crystal and Jen had a great conversation with a true heart surgeon, Greg Reed.  A home-grown local who has been giving back to this community for generations. He’s a true lifestyle evangelist serving in a ministry of presence.

After 40+ years as pastor at Morning Star Church (Now the Connection), Greg launched a new career. Now he talks to people for a living – meeting them where they are (literally at their workplace).  His vision is like that of a restaurant.  He’s been running a restaurant (Church) for 43 years, and now he’s on the road being a ‘Jesus Food Truck’ relating to people where they work.

His ability to sow seeds is expanding beyond the walls of his physical church. His goal is to train 300 life coaches to do what he is doing and impact the marketplace. Quality of life equals your quality of work.

Here is how you can connect with Greg Reed and learn more about his professional life coaching services.  https://www.thriving365.life/

Some other references mentioned in this podcast

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School https://www.tiu.edu/divinity/

You version Bible app https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-app/

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