Season 2 Episode #4 | Jeff Harlow & Pam Givens (part 2)

Connecting the Dots

In part 2 of this conversation with Jeff Harlow, we meet Pam Givens, Engagement Director Act 3 Ministries.  She shares how the Journey Map led her to better understand how God has used her experiences to prepare her for where He wants her today.

Figuring out where you fit, and connecting the dots is what Act 3 Ministries does with people and resources at every stage.  Finding the ‘Next’ in your life at every season to live out the life God called you into. God has shaped us all, there is capacity potential (a seed) in every person. As God unwraps our lives, he shows us our gifts and potential.

Fight the Fade!

Pam Givens

ACT 3 Ministries (the ministry mentioned and shared in part 2)



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