Season 2 Episode #13 | Patti O’Donnell

Blankets, Barns, Bibles, Cancer, and God Hugs!

Finding comfort in the loving arms of Jesus has been the story of her entire life, even when He had to carry her.  She’s blessed others with His rich goodness in her daily walk by being obedient to her Heavenly Father.  Married to her husband John for over 55 years, together they raised 3 children.  She doesn’t call herself a teacher, but her heart for sharing Jesus with others led her to be one.  After her children grew up, she and John impacted youth for over 20 years as senior high youth leaders.  God blessed them with a barn to be used to lead these young adults.  God took their gifts and gave meaning to them to bring others to Christ.

Our God is so good!  Patti shares stories about pain, loss, and surviving cancer.  She loves to talk about Jesus and tell Jesus stories to anyone who will listen, even passengers on the plane seated next to her.  We could listen to Patti tell her stories for days! God has taken he on so many journeys with Him!

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