Episode #1 | Dr. Quiana Preston

Seeking seeds of truth, out of seeds of doubt and uncertainty.

We kicked off the new year and season two with a powerhouse, our friend in ministry, Dr. Quiana Preston https://www.facebook.com/qpromans8.  Known around Cross America and the Doubting Thomas Coffee & Café as ‘Raspberry Matcha’ – her favorite order! We just love Quiana and are so thankful to be part of her story!  You will love her too!

It takes a village, and she was surrounded by the body of Christ from a young age.  And she’s used this foundation to continue her journey into the anointed steps God has for her life.

The biggest seeds God used in her life were seeds of DOUBT, seeds of UNCERTAINTY, and seeds of MISUNDERSTANDING – these made her pursue after truth even more!  Her foundation allowed her to dig into the answers and better understand how GOD meant each part to bring her closer to him if she sought him first to learn the answer to those questions.

Today, she stands up with strength and power!

BIG TAKE AWAY:  Do not despise the pain, the doubts, the misunderstanding – it’s all for the making.  It’s favor!   Exchange God’s will and God’s desire over your own.

Dr. Quiana Preston is a life enrichment specialist who pioneers women’s empowerment. She can be reached at  levelupinternational.est.2021@gmail.com


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