Losing a loved one is never easy.  The grieving process can be very hard and sometimes leaves a person with a lot of questions.  Since we live in an imperfect world, we may never know all the answers.

At Cross America, we want to help you honor your loved one by giving you an opportunity to memorialize their name in a way that can honor God for many years. If you feel led to, you may honor them in the following ways:

Sponsor a zip code in their name.

We will have personalized stickers made in their honor that will be used to seal every salvation packet and cross that is mailed out to the zip code you choose.  If the amount needed to sponsor the zip code is more than the available funds you have, we may have Angel Sponsors who have graciously donated funds to help you finish out the zip code in your loved one's name.

Donate to the Perpetual Fund in their name.

The mission of Cross America will take several decades to complete.  It is larger than any one person or persons.  It will take a large group of committed Christians to accomplish this mission.  To be good stewards of this mission, the Holy Spirit has guided us to set up a Perpetual Fund.  This fund will not only bless the giver, but it will also be used to fund the annual operations perpetually forever.  Whether you donate to the Perpetual Fund in honor of your loved one or donate personally, you will be giving the gift of allowing this mission to be perpetual for many years.  Your gift will literally mean crosses and salvation messages are sent out every year forever.  The money donated to the Perpetual Fund is placed into safe, protected investments as directed by the Statement of Investment policy.  The earnings or interest from these investments are used to fund the operations annually.  This allows the mission to be perpetual.

Your name will be listed as part of the Perpetual Fund Members on the following link: Perpetual Fund Sponsors.

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