Cross America Perpetual Fund 

This fund will allow Cross America to operate perpetually until the mission statement is completed.  The financial plan for this fund consists of investing all amounts into investments that are safe and have reliable returns.  The net proceeds from these returns will be used to fund Cross America forever.  Currently the mission is projected to take 30-50 years to complete. Once it is complete, there will be a new generation born, and the fund will be used to start over again.  This will continue forever or until Jesus returns. Your donation to this fund will literally have an impact forever.  The goal is to have the fund fully funded within 10 years.  Currently we are on pace to meet this goal.  Join the momentum to help send the love of Christ to homes in America forever! 


Perpetual Fund Sponsors  

 Name City/State Number of Crosses Sent Annually
 Mick and Kathryn Owens Kokomo, IN 2568
 Anonymous Husband and Wife Kokomo, IN 1,149,541
 Zachary Baker Memorial Katy, TX Click here to learn more about Zachary (161)
 Brayden and Lauren Merrell Kokomo, IN 321
 Zach Crumley Kokomo, IN 321
Universal Fellowship  Kokomo, IN 1015
                 Total Crosses that can be sent out every year forever = 1,153,927

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